Send Wave Money TV Ad



Send Wave, an app that lets users send money instantly from their smartphone to their recipient’s mobile banking account is on a mission to revolutionise the money transfer industry by becoming the go-to option when it comes to sending money abroad.

Launched in 2014, Send Wave is now operating in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria, with a plan to take on the rest of Africa next.


With a vast number of Africans living in London and across the UK. Send Wave sought to expand its market by increasing its services awareness drive. Mindful of the number of competitor money transfer operators targeting the same clientele, Send Wave was looking for a Video Ad that will connect strongly with its target audience.


Due to Eagle London Agency’s deep understanding of the ethnic market and how they connect with brands, Send Wave commissioned Eagle to develop and produce a TV Ad targeting its Ghanaian audience in the UK

Our creative team developed a simple concept for the Ad which would centre around a conversation between a barber and a client in a barbering shop. The client would end up introducing Send Wave to the barber showing him how easy it is to download the app on his phone and send money. The conversation would also highlight Send Wave three core values of being a secured platform, convenient, offering great exchange rates.

Our video production team filmed the TV Ad at a Ghanaian barbering shop in London. The choice of the location and use of non-actors for the video was aimed to ensure the Ad connected easily with the target community.

We were mindful that viewers of the video would view from various platforms, some with or without audio. To this our editing team, adopted overlay text techniques to highlight the key message.


Our unobtrusive, professional and friendly Eagle production crew using portable equipment’s allowed us to quickly set up and shoot the various scenes without disrupting the business at the barbering shop. We followed on to post-production and turned around the final production in a couple of days. This fun yet informative TV Ad was showcased across all of the Send Wave social media platforms and on some ethnic channels across the UK.