Ghana Missions Online Visa and Passport Web Application



The mandate of Ghana Missions (High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates representing the Government of the Republic of Ghana) outside Ghana is to co-ordinate, promote and protect the national interest of Ghana within countries they located. The Mission provides an efficient one-stop reference for general information and procedures for the effective promotion of Trade, Investment, Tourism, Immigration, and Consular services.

The growing population of Ghanaian’s or people of Ghanaian descent outside Ghana, as well as the thriving Ghanaian economy and stable political environment, has seen an overwhelming increase in the number of Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians applying to Ghana Missions across the world for passports or visas to enable them to visit Ghana.


For Ghana to take advantage of this increased interest by Ghanaians and non-Ghanaian outside Ghana seeking to be part of the Ghana growth story, its foreign Mission’s need to be equipped to offer an effective and efficient customer experience comparable to system these applicants are familiar with in the countries they are coming from.

This brought an urgent need to develop an efficient visa and passport application and management system to replace the outdated, tedious and slow manual application system.

The Missions were looking for a system that would offer the following;

  • Complete online automation of their consular services which includes Ghanaian Passport and Visa application process.
  • A complete in-house Management Information System that will enable management and staff to receive and process consular applications.
  • Allow financial data capturing, reporting and analysis.
  • Allow monitoring of the consular application processing to ensure efficiency thereby increasing revenue for the Mission.
  • Applicant management system including appointment booking features
  • Biometric Data capturing feature
  • A secured online payment feature
  • Customer support integration (live chat, email and telephone support service)


In 2009, following consultations with the Ghana High Commission UK, we proposed to design and develop a fully functional web-based, personalised enterprise resource planning software (ERP) dubbed e-CIMS (Electronic Consular Information Management System).

In developing the system, aside from utilising our expertise in providing tech solutions for Government and private agencies, we brought to play our deep understanding of the Ghanaian, European, American and Asian customers, their culture and expectation.

We developed and designed a system that allows the Mission to improve its efficiency at delivering consular services which included visa and passport application and management.

Before the development of the software, our projects team engaged key users, i.e. applicants and processing staff. This process was aimed to understand their challenges and desired expectation as well as ensure we delivered a system that met their needs. The outcome of these interactions influenced the design and development of the system. We developed the web-based software with security as its core.

The project involved all the departments within our agency. Eagle’s web design team redesigned a fully functional interactive website for the Ghana Mission. The video production teams also produced communications and how-to videos for the public.


In 2010, Eagle London’s software development team successfully launched its e-CIMS application for the Ghana High Commission in the UK. The system is accessible by applicants and Ghana Mission UK’s consulates located in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, and Glasgow, Scotland North of the UK.

At the time of launch, e-CIMS became the first online application system to be introduced by a Ghana Mission. The software has greatly simplified the application process and turnaround time. It has enabled applicants to make and pay for their consular applications wherever they are via any mobile or desktop device. They can post their applications or book appointments dates that are convenient for them to submit their applications at the Missions. Our customer support team offers support via telephone, email or live chat to applicants having difficulties making their applications.

e-CIMS has become a success story for both Eagle and the Ghana Mission in the UK. Since 2010 the software has been implemented in the following Ghana Missions;

For all these Missions our web design team have designed websites for them as part of our project delivery

To date, our e-CIMS software has processed and archived over 10million applications. Eagle London’s e-CIMS software has raised the profile of the Missions currently using it, from being behind in tech to become leaders in the provision of fast, secure and efficient online consular services, which has become an envy of other countries. Eagle London has received invitations from other Missions seeking to implement e-CIMS.