Crosswater UK TV Ad



For 20years’ Crosswater has been celebrated as one of the most successful UK bathroom companies. With products that are renowned for their quality & beauty.


To produce Crosswater’s first-ever television commercial to promote its special product sales campaign. The client had a restricted budget and required a quick delivery. The TV Ad was aimed to achieve the following;

  • Promote its special product sales campaign
  • Celebrate the client’s 20years reputation as manufacturers of a wide range of bathroom collections known for their quality and beauty.
  • Promote Crosswater as the preferred choice for made to last, high-quality bathroom collections
  • Display Crosswater’s wide range of bathroom collections
  • Create a brand feeling/equity to consumers of Crosswater
  • Encourage the viewer to act by taking advantage of its short term sales promotion by visiting their website or stores.


With a restricted budget and a tight delivery timeline as our main constraint for this project, we had to adopt an organised but simple approach to ensure quality was not compromised.

From sourcing the right studio for filming, building the set to display the client’s collections, right through to the choice of voice-over artiste and the development of production music we ensured we worked within the budget.

Our priority was to capture in the video, high-quality selection of the client’s product range being offered in its special sales promotion campaign, showcasing the different styles and finishes. We achieved this by using an experienced production crew with state-of-the-art lighting and cameras.

During the edit, we adopted transitioning effects to portray the wide range of products on sale, the quality and finish. The effects were brought to life by the catchy beats of the production music along with the voiceover style. The visual effects, music, and voice were aimed to hook the viewer to watch through to the end of the commercial.

The commercial ended with a call to action for the viewer to take advantage of the sale by visiting the client’s website to see a wider range of products


We successfully produced a 30-second sales promotion TV Ad for Crosswater. The client is broadcasting the commercial on Sky AdSmart and various online platforms. We delivered to the client’s brief to promote itself as the preferred choice for made to last, high-quality bathroom collections. We played on this positioning to encourage visits to the Crosswater website to participate in their sale.