The Eagles in Ghana May 2019

  • 2019-06-04

This past May, our two directors Philip and Mark found themselves embarking on an insightful and rewarding trip to Accra, Ghana. They used the opportunity to meet the new staff in our bustling Ghana office and get their hands stuck in on some of the projects that we have going on in Accra.

Our Accra agency has more than its fair share of government business. As a result, Philip and Mark were fortunate to have several meetings with government members.

One of their key meetings was at Ghana Prison HQ. They had the opportunity to meet with several senior members including the Director-General and the Deputy Director-General of Ghana Prison. They also had a productive meeting with the Head of Communication were unsurprisingly they were keen to hear about our involvement with Prison Radio in the UK which Mark founded. Having recently celebrated 25 years of Prison Radio’s success with a feature on BBC The One Show, they had plenty to share about on this topic.

Due to the positive interactions with the senior members at Ghana Prison HQ, there is a great potential of us working closely together on a beneficial project to promote the Prison Services.

They also visited an open prison where they were shown local gift items produced by the prisoners. The team was amazed by the quality of the products produced by the prisoners. As a show of appreciation, they purchased some items to support the great work of the prisoners.

The trip to Ghana, however, was not all hard work and no play. The team took some well-earned time out to enjoy Ghana as they visited local art galleries, beaches, and markets.

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