Tech Highlight Of The Month: Twitter

  • 2017-12-18

Twitter has recently decided to increase the amount of characters you are able to use in a tweet, originally it was 140 characters but it’s now been doubled to 270 characters. With this increase people will now have much more freedom when it comes to writing out their tweets, they will no longer have to limit their words as much as before. This change in characters does not apply to tweets written in Japanese, Chinese and Korean though, this is because with a single character in these languages you can convey much more information, a single character in these languages can be a whole word or even a small section of an entire sentence.

With this new addition of more characters available for tweets, Twitter have also made it so people can have much longer display names too. This has increased from 20 characters to 50, more than double the amount you were previously able to have before. This added amount of characters is very useful to those who have very long names and could not fit their entire name in. Or for those who are trying to make a Twitter account for their company but their companies name was too previously too long for the 20 characters. With these changes you are not able to lengthen your username that still remains at 15 characters, you are able to change your username but it still is not able to exceed 15 characters.

witter is currently one of the biggest social media sites across the globe however it doesn’t seem to be as popular as some others and it doesn’t seem to be catching up to the top two anytime soon, as Facebook is the largest with 2 billion users. Next is Instagram which has 800 million users. Whereas Twitter currently has a total of 330 million users. There is another system which is very popular which is WeChat but this only available to China, and Twitter is banned from being used in China.

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