Tech Highlight Of The Month: Facebook Watch

  • 2017-11-09

What is Facebook Watch?

Content producers will soon have another channel to broadcast their work. This platform could potentially offer revenue generation aside promotion. This is the objective of Facebook Watch, a brand new platform on Facebook where people can watch shows.

This new extension to Facebook is not available to everyone right now as it is still being tested by a select few in the USA, but it will soon be unveiled to the world. When fully released, this new feature will be available to all users on their mobile apps, desktops, television apps and laptops. According to Facebook, one of their key attractions as a social media platform is the ability for its users to watch and share videos with friends; hence the need to dedicate a section of their platform to this.


Facebook Watch aims at becoming a platform where everyone can put out content and be able to benefit from it, by generating revenue while reaching their target audience. In addition, some of the content one can expect to see are live events like baseball games and a new cooking show by Tastemade called Kitchen Little which is about children trying to teach famous chefs how to cook after watching a cooking tutorial. So far Facebook has not mentioned much about the existing content creators and how this will affect or benefit them, but it seems like Facebook’s aim is an attempt to create a platform easily accessible and useable for all.


Facebook’s core driving force is to offer an app that encourages friendship and staying social, this new video watching platform is all about offering a new feature which still has that sociability to it. The new platform allows users to see what their friends are watching, find out what shows are the ‘most talked about’; users are able to see live comments while watching shows so they can interact with friends and other viewers.

YouTube Competitor?

With the features described so far there will be no doubt that users will be asking what the difference is between Facebook Watch and YouTube. Many will refer to the two as competitors and not let the two co-exist. It is understandable why people will do this as Facebook Watch and YouTube offerings look quite similar and they will compete in a business and on a numbers point, but they are quite different. From what Facebook has said and revealed about their new platform it is quite clear to say that they aren’t just trying to create another YouTube they are trying to create a platform for their site which is something new and something which still stays with Facebook’s sociability.

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