EMH Global Community Work

  • 2017-12-18

This past month EMH Global has been involved with some community work. We commissioned Sarah Hughes a professional community artist and her team at the Art Recovery Group to produce a large mural board which will tell the EMH story as London’s most diverse agency. The Art Recovery Group was formed approximately six years ago and is based at the Garden Cafe, Cundy Road, Custom House. It is an art group for vulnerable adults, particularly mental health service users. The group is funded by the Ascension Community Trust. In 2017 the group took on a large scale project to create mural boards for the World Para athletics Championships. These boards went on display on the Shoreditch Art Wall during the competition.

Throughout November we joined the team at work at the community hall in the Ascension Church in East London. We were there to assist as volunteers helping with running the day and also providing guidance to the artists with their work on how we want the mural to turn out.

The artists who re working with us from the group are Sandra, Lynda, Kim, Jennifer, Dwain and David and collaboration with the international, London based artist Michelle Baharier.

The theme for our mural is to create a collage using a selection of portraits of individuals who have achieved fame and recognition worldwide for their work in showcasing the power of diversity. The group also have been drawing and painting flags to represent the countries that we work with.

The mural is still a work in progress. Once completed, the mural board will be given a home in our meeting room at our agency head office so it is appreciated by clients who come by our offices. The aim of this mural is to use art to tell the EMH story i.e. who we are as a company, what we do, and our values. We are grateful to every member of the group for their input so far in king this project a success.

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