EMH Global celebrate 11years working on Ghana Cocoa Board trade finance signing ceremony

  • 2017-09-24

Events Production team fromEMH Global, London’s most dynamic, diverse and ethnic integrated marketing communications and technology agency, is proud to celebrate this year, 11 consecutive years working with the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) and the participating banks to offer events production services for their annual trade finance facility signing ceremony.

COCOBOD is the official organisation in Ghana responsible for the production and sale of Ghana’s cocoa beans. The company’s delegation from Ghana was in Paris on Wednesday 20th September 2017 to sign1.3Billion USD facility backed syndicated trade finance for the 2017/18 Ghana cocoa season.

COCOBOD organises this ceremony annually to raise money through a syndicate of international banks for the purchase of cocoa from Ghanaian farmers for export. Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa in the world and the number one producer of premium quality cocoa beans in the world. The cocoa industry is one of the major sources of foreign exchange for Ghana.

The importance of cocoa in Ghana therefore makes this ceremony a major event for the government and people of Ghana. Again, the facility signed each year is said to be the largest soft commodity finance facility in sub Saharan Africa. With this background it is understandable why COCOBOD ensures that the ceremony is given professional media coverage to enable the government and people of Ghana, local and international media to have up to date information for their reportage. EMH Global’s events production team is made up of journalists, cameramen and event organisers. In connection with the signing ceremony, the team prepared the necessary press releases for distribution to the various media houses in Ghana and the rest of the world. EMH is also producing a short documentary on the event for broadcast on TV Channels in Ghana. Watch out for the video from this event here soon

The Ghana Cocoa Board signing ceremonies are usually held outside of Ghana, this makes it impractical for all the media houses from Ghana to attend. The board each year looks for a content production agency based in Europe that has a strong understanding of the Ghana Cocoa industry to attend and feed local media houses with information from the event. EMH Global has been successful in managing this event for COCOBOD over the past 11years due to our rich experience gained through over a decade work within the Ghana Cocoa industry. Also our strategic office locations in London, Accra and New York, has allowed us to be an agency of choice.

This year the events production team from EMH offered live streaming of the event via Ghana Cocoa Board’s Facebook page. After the main signing ceremony, EMH organised a live video press conference with the CEO of COCOBOD where he took and responded to live question from the press in Accra.

MH aside working annually on Ghana Cocoa Board’s signing ceremony events have been developing video content in Ghana and abroad for COCOBOD. To date, EMH Global has produced over 50 topical video documentaries on various aspects of the Ghana Cocoa industry. These documentaries have been produced to aid COCOBOD in its educational and promotional activities.

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Cover Photo: EMH Global team pose with CEO of Ghana Cocoa Board Mr Joseph Boahen Aidoo (centre)

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