Eagle London Newsletter - December 2018 Edition

  • 2018-12-03

Welcome to our December Newsletter.
Merry Christmas and a fruitful 2018. This is our second newsletter and as before we want to give an update on recent activities here at EMH Global and also look at some of the issues that affect the world we live in from art to Vogue to Twitter.
EMH is a London based full-service communications company specialising in Content, Film, Web Design and build, alongside all manner of other digital activities. We are a uniquely diverse agency.
Diversity is at the heart of our agency as you will see here on our website. We dont just talk about diversity. Unlike most agencies, we are totally diverse and as such ideally qualified to advise on BAME target audiences. How to reach them, how best to address them and what works most effectively across platforms.
This month we focus on technology and its impact in changing the face of the market, and how well qualified we are with the skills and growth of our Cochin office.
We look at work we are undertaking for Cocoa Marketing Company, African Mining Services and for embassies in Morocco, Washington, Brazil.
So its a very full Newsletter. We hope you enjoy it.

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