Why is it important to have a quality Website?

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In our last Blog we went through the top 5 reasons off why having a website is vital to a business in this new digitalised world we now live. Now that we have established the reasons to building a website it is now time to go on to the next step. The quality of your website. Most people believe that having just an online presence is enough. However, this is not the case. The quality of your website plays a major role in whether a customer or client buys from you or not. It is said as soon as a customer enters your site you have 8 seconds to impress the customer before they leave and move to the next site. In this blog we are going to be going more in depth into the reasons of why is important to have a quality Website.


when a customer/client enters a website they perceive how the product or service will be by the overall quality of the website. This meaning if the customer enters your site and sees pictures and text everywhere they will perceive that you as a company are very unorganised which will deter the customer from purchasing from your site. And as customer only spend an average of 8 seconds on your site assumption are made very quickly.


Having a quality produced website can lead to an increase in sales. As mentioned in the previous blog, people are now doing much more research before they purchase from companies. If your website is well produced they are more likely to purchase from you as you leave a more memorable impression. Resulting in the capture of a new customers. As well this should result in the customer staying on your page longer allowing you as the company to promote other services and products.


Having Good website should be clear and easy to use. Usually a website that is not made to a quality enough standard, can be very tricky to use. This is a major deterrent for customers and this can lose a company a lot of business. This is the most common problem to online businesses of why they lose out on so much business. This is because consumers are very busy and they know that there is another online business that will offer the same service and be much easier and faster to use.


A quality website should always have up to date content. There is nothing worse for a customer to enter your site and finding out that the content is no longer relevant. People like to read your website if they are interested from buying from you, however if what they read hasn’t been updated and the content has become irrelevant this can frustrate the customer and may choose to go elsewhere. As well as this, customer don’t like to read the same thing over and over again. Dead or static content will not bring visitors back to your site.


A quality website is a step closer to getting better online traffic. This is because google looks at your website. If google sees that your website is of a good quality standard, they are more likely to put you higher on the google search rankings. Therefore, this will allow for more traffic hopefully then leading to more sales.

These are our top 5 reasons why it is vital to have a quality website for your business. We at EMH Global have in the past 12years been assisting businesses with professional website design and development that has brought them great results.t. If this has inspired you to start looking into creating or rebuilding a quality website for yourself or business, contact our experienced web design consultants and get help to launch your business website today.

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