Your Pursuit of Customer Happiness

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Keeping your customers happy is a key element towards the success of your business. Remember that it is your customers that are responsible for your company’s existence. This means it is critical that you make their happiness with your service a priority. Many businesses underestimate the power of customer happiness. In this blog I would like to share EMH Global’s top 5 reasons why we believe the pursuit of our clients happiness is the pursuit of success for our businesses.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty has a direct link to customer happiness. This is because the happier your customers are with your company the more loyal they are likely to be. Loyal customers will help grow your business through repeat purchase. Loyal customers are more likely to buy your products or service multiple times. Getting to the position where customers choose your product over competitors will require client happiness with your business. One cannot over emphasize the importance of customer loyalty especially in today’s highly competitive market place


Happy customers love to talk about their experiences; the same also goes for unhappy customers. Happy customers will promote your business through word of mouth and referrals which is one of the most effective tools of marketing. Having a satisfied customer recommend your product or service to their friends or family is great because of trust. Trust is a hard and lengthy process for a business and can be very expensive, but a customer recommendation is free and very effective. We can sum this point by stating that the only cost to having referrals and recommendations is to invest in making your existing customers happy.

Business strategies

Customer happiness is vital to meeting your business aims and objectives. Some of the common goals for most businesses are survival, increased profit, growth or increasing market share. All of these common goals can be achieved through the application of one key ingredient; happy customers. Focusing on your customer’s happiness will allow you to get a step closer to meeting your business aims and objectives.

Negative press

We will all agree that a negative press and customers will almost certainly lead to the death of your business. Once a bad image has been associated with your brand, it is difficult to change that perception. To avoid this, it is critical to have a customer focused organizational culture where your customers are always made to feel happy. These customers in time of crises will become the goodwill ambassadors of your brand or business, sharing their positive experience with your business to the world.

Cost of happiness

I love the saying that “The best things in life comes in small packaging”. That is very true if we consider how insignificant it may seem on the importance of keeping your customers happy, yet when done right the massive positive impact it can have on your business. Keeping your customers happy can produce the same effect on your business as a company that has invested a million-pound on its marketing budget. It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than keeping an existing one so keeping your customers happy will save you money and time, as a happy customers will buy continually from you, become your brand ambassador and act as your unofficial sales personnel.

That’s it! I hope that from today you will see your customer’s as friends and business partners, ensuring they are happy with your services at all time. This is our top 5 reasons to why we believe the pursuit of customer happiness is the key to business success. If you would like to find out further information on how to ensure the happiness of your customers, please read our previous posts how to build a relationship with your customers and how to maintain a long lasting relationship with your customers.

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