Why business cards still matter

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2016 is a digital age, and businesses do many things on the internet; sending mails, signing contracts, attending meetings, networking etc. There are however some essential items businesses cannot do without and among these are Business Cards. Business cards have many vital benefits but are looked over upon or seen as not as important.EMH Global provides you with 5 reasons why you need a business card.


Business cards serve as the icebreaker and allows you to swap your information more personally when networking and this leads to more genuine contacts/connections, means for interactions and bond building.


A business card is usually the first impression on your brand when doing business with a potential client. A business card is what you give so you can be contacted. If your business card is poorly done this can negatively affect your brand and also fail to provide the convincing urge for a potential client to do business with your company. Your card must stand out to give your company a competitive advantage.


Business cards can be used as a cheaper form of direct marketing. Giving a business card is a quick way for you to introduce your business to a potential client what you are all about and how you can be contacted. It can also help you be more referable by your existing clients and hence increasing your business opportunities.


Business cards allow the potential client to remember the business when its services or products are needed. People have the habit of going through their collection of business cards when they need a service; locating your business card will lead them right to your doorstep and voila, good business. Business cards thus makes it more convenient than a potential customer trying to remember your company name or not even remembering their encounter with you.


Business cards make your business come off as more professional. when you present a business card it shows that you are prepared and an established business.

At EMH Global we produce quality and creative business cards to help your business stand out and to leave a big impression on your customers.

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