The secret formula to a Poster

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Posters are popular for advertising. If You Have Left your house today, you are guaranteed to have walked past at least one poster. In this blog we are going to be sharing with you our secret tips on how to make your poster stand out and grab the attention of your desired audience. We at EMH Global have been creating posters for clients for over 12years. During this time we have learnt a lot about the art of making posters and we want to share this with you.

Cut the chitter chatter

A poster should NEVER have too much text. People do not get amazed by text; instead they are moved by the visuals of the poster. The more Artwork and vibrancy of the poster the more attention it is likely to grab. Once the poster has grabbed the interest of the customer, it is then more likely the customer will in their free time research further about the promotion. A good idea if you’re worried about the lack of information on your poster is to add a QR code, that way after you have captured the prospects attention, they will have a link to research and react to the promotion

Be Bold

The reason Why so many people walk past posters without noticing it is because most of them are very generic. When creating a poster, it is important not copy trends. When you do that your poster falls in the pit with the other generic posters. Take risks and break the rules, and that way you will capture the attention of many.

Know your prey

You can’t capture the attention of anybody if there is no audience in mind. It is vital that you know your target audience so you design your poster to capture their attention. To capture the attention of your target audience you have to use language and design concepts that your target audience can relate to.

Choose your colours wisely

The choice of colours are often overlooked, however colours can be very powerful within a poster. They have the power to affect feelings and emotions. Again the colours used should be based on your target audience. Using different colours can convey an array of different emotions, this will allow customers to like and feel a certain way which is aimed to draw them into responding positively to the promotion. It is vital to look at the psychology of colours when choosing your colours. This will help you make the right decision on the correct colour palate for your Poster.

Keep it organised

Finally, the last top tip is to keep your poster layout organised, how your poster is designed can reflect on your business or event, so it is important to keep it as organised as possible. You can keep your flyer organised by starting the poster from top to bottom with the most vital piece of information at the top, and follow through with information of lower priority.

That is it. We hope you enjoyed reading our secret tips on creating a show stopper poster. Using our tips will help you to get a grip on how to create an effective poster. You can also read our previous blog “The Advantages of Posters”,

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