Take advantage of the festive season and grow your Business

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Christmas season and other key annual festive dates are major occasion where consumers spend generously on goods and services. As a business these seasons musts be clearly listed on your marketing and promotion schedule and strategic plans are to be made well in advance to enable your business take advantage of each season to increase its revenue.

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Christmas season is fast approaching the question is how prepared are you? Preparing for Christmas may seem like a daunting task but don’t worry. In this blog EMH Global have you covered. We have produced a basic 5point check list to help you prepare and take advantage of this season. Follow this guide and you will surely experience an increase in revenue allowing you to experience the festive spirit.

Plan your campaign ahead of time

Planning your campaign to us at EMH Global is the most important aspect of your marketing strategy. Without planning you are setting yourself up for failure. Planning must start well ahead of the targeted holiday season or event. There are many special seasons aside Christmas where consumers spend more than usual e.g. Easter, Halloween, Black Friday and other religious festivals. It is important you recognize first which of these holidays best present an opportunity for your company to create a campaign around as not all will suit your business type. Once you have chosen the occasion, you can start to think of promotions and themed ideas to offer your customers during the targeted season.

Create themed offers

So, you have identified an upcoming occasion that your business can take advantage of to promote its services? It’s time to get creative. To promote your campaign, youll need to come up with the theme, and then create design concepts with special offers highlighting your campaign theme. Your themed design is what will separate you from your competitors so it’s important to make a stand out. Creating Themed offers add to the holiday spirit helping to provoke response from your audience. To encourage response to your campaign, you can offer discounts to your customers on your product or service or match your service or products content to the suit the occasion. We at EMH like to celebrate some of the festive holidays by creating and giving out festive post cards offering discounts to our loyal customers. These simple acts are very much appreciated by our clients and have led to new business sign ups. There are many avenues that can be used to promote your themed offers some of these could be banners, webpages, photos, and special creative for social media.

Prepare social media

Social media is a good platform to promote your festive campaign. However to ensure you are successful on social media it is important you create content that will certainly catch your audience’s attention. Creating content that interests and entertains your customers will allow customers to engage with your posts and allow them to share and comment and take notice of your business. You must also bear in mind that as the holiday approaches, everyone will be looking for a great offer, whether its a clever gift idea, an awesome deal, or a money-saving voucher. When running an offers or promotion on social media it is important to use a call for action, as it allows an easy method for the customer to buy or engage in your post instantly.

Prepare email list

BUILD AN EMAIL LIST. It is important to build one well before the holidays as this is going to be an important promotional channel for you. An Email list will allow you to send out a large of amount of Emails to customers that have an interest in your business. Doing this creates a positive impression that you appreciate their business, but can also act as a reminder to customers who have not done business with you for a while. It is important to prepare this channel ahead of time as building a list can take time. Also you’ll likely be planning several other emails lists for different promotions targeting the same season. We always advice to create groups for your email list

Landing pages

Another important online promotional too that works with your email and online campaign are landing pages. Creating landing pages for your promotions and sales can be extremely effective at helping further bump up your conversion rate for the holiday season. We advise that you create separate landing pages for each of your promotions and campaign.

This is where we end our 5 tips to taking advantage of the festive seasons to increase your revenue. Follow them and you will see your business experience growth and the best Christmas ever! Merry Christmas in advance to you

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