My 5 days experience at Eagle London Agency

  • 2020-06-05

My name is Japhia Papa Marfo. I am a 17year old student at the Brit School in Croydon London aspiring to become an Actor. My course requires me to undertake a one-week placement within an organisation. I had the opportunity to volunteer at Eagle London Agency a leading BAME Digital Agency specialising in video content, website and software development. I got attracted to apply to work with the Agency because of their passion for delivering projects that endorses diversity.

My first work experience in an office

When I got the job, I initially was not looking forward to it as I dreaded the fact that I will have to be stuck in an office environment from 9 till 5. However, on my first day, I was welcomed by lots of smiley and friendly people, who came up to me and made me feel comfortable. This helped a lot to calm my nerves. Gilbert, the Account Executive who was assigned to be my supervisor, welcomed me and told me a bit about what he does and how it relates to the business. I was intrigued to learn more about why he chose to work with the Agency. This is because my thinking was that most young people his age wouldn’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day!! Nonetheless, he gave me a tour of the office and told me what I was going to be doing for that week.

My tasks at Eagle

During my work at Eagle, I had the pleasure of being a creative assistant on a project where I was allowed to create content. I also learnt about the preparations that go on behind the scenes before a project is filmed. I found this very exciting!!! I was even allowed to work on creative designs for Thaddaeus, the Agency’s creative designer. I must be honest, I didnt like my designs. I felt they were a bit rushed and did not portray the business as best as I could.

Here is one of them…

My following days at the Agency were also exciting. On one of the days, the directors had tasked the team to prepare to give a presentation for a long-term client. The team invited me to sit in and watch them rehearse (In my opinion judging from my acting background, they looked nervous). After that, they asked for my feedback. I shared with them a few tips I had learnt from college to help overcome stage fright. This was a great experience because they respected and trusted my feedback. On another day, I was tasked to research into prospective businesses that Eagle London could work with in the future. For this task, I had to apply my analytical and research skills.

The work environment

One thing I enjoyed about being at the Agency was the relaxed atmosphere. I was encouraged to express myself freely. They showed me the same respect they showed to other members of the team, a true reflection on the belief Eagle has in encouraging young people to excel in their talent. This was refreshing to see.

My lessons learnt

Overall, working at Eagle Agency has given me an understanding of what goes on in a creative agency. It has also opened me up to other career options I can pursue aside my acting career. I have also developed my creative and analytical skills, not forgetting networking skills. I learnt how to use Canva, an online site that I could use to create different creative designs. Also, my mindset that working 9 to 5 in an office environment was boring has changed entirely. I looked forward to going back to the office each day.

I am grateful to the management of Eagle and hope that I could work with them again soon.


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