How to promote your event and gain result

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As businesses owners we all have certain times where there is a need to organise an event either to celebrate an achievement, a milestone, to launch, promote a service or a product. Whatever the reason for organising the event, it is the desire of every event organiser to have their event well attended by their target audience, so we at EMH Global have compiled our top 5 ways to promote an event that will gain the desired results

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Social media

One of the most effective ways of promoting your event is through Social Media. Marketers have taken over social media by storm. With social media’s 1.87 billion users and that number expected to increase to 2.55 billion by 2018 it’s not surprising to see why. If you haven’t started promoting your event on social media you are missing out on a goldmine. Social media will allow you to reach a much larger and targeted audience than ever before. Through this you can reach the people who share common interest with you making it likely for them to be interested in attending your event.

Posters and flyers

Posters and flyers are really effective ways to promote your event. Posters are cheap, effective and can be very quick to implement. The ability to place posters at convenient and busy places will allow you as a business to allocate them strategically. Posters also gather more successful responses from the customers as they easily appeal to those interested. Finally, there isn’t a limit on how many posters you can put up, you can hang multiple posters in one location to increase awareness of your event.


Networking can be a great way to promote your upcoming event. This is because Networking allows you to meet professionals and people who share common interest; these people may also share their interest in your event with their friends, colleagues or followers thereby creating a bigger buzz for your event. These people will almost become free ambassadors for your event if pitched to them well.

Lead page

Producing lead pages is a little secret within the marketing world. Lead pages are an advertisement web page that has a direct call to action. Linking lead pages to your social media pages and websites are more likely to draw customers in to commit to your event. A lead page must be like an online poster, the information must be direct and well-presented and simple to capture the attention of the customer. Lead pages get better responses if the promotion offers a free gift to all who respond to the call to action. The giveaway gives potential customers an added reason to sign up or attend. Note!! Your give away doesn’t have to be expensive but it must be exclusive


Blogs are becoming a fantastic way to promote your events. Writing about the event allows excitement to build up for customers thinking of attending your event. Building anticipation through your blogs is going to get a larger number of people talking about your event. The best bit about a blog is that it is easy to share on social media, thereby getting more people excited. Writing about previous events will also give customers some insight on what to expect from the event and what to do. If you really want to jump into the new trend why not try vlogging, this is similar to a blog but in a video format. This can be very effective as people can watch or listen. It also is popular as its fits in well with peoples increasingly busy lives.

Now we have equipped you with the tools, it’s time to ‘capture em all’ . That was EMH Globals top 5 ways to promote your event. We Wish all the success in your upcoming event and cheers to the next one to come.

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