How to choose the right video production company

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Corporate Videos has been proven to Boost Brand Reputation, Customer Engagement and Revenue Opportunity for Small and Medium Businesses. But choosing the right video production company that will offer this service can be tricky. To help you overcome this challenge we at EMH have put together 5 basic steps for you to consider when choosing a video production company to produce your next video content


Before you even start thinking of which company to use to produce your video, let us start by defining what you want to achieve from the video. Ask yourself the following questions

  • Why you want a video
  • What are you going to do with it
  • Who is the video aimed at
  • What style or character do you want your video to have
  • What actions are you expecting from those who watch your video
  • astly, do you have an idea of your budget


Once you have defined your video needs we advise that you research the market and start shortlisting your preferred video production companies. Whilst doing this the first key thing to look out for is their experience. Remember that the production company you choose is going to work with you to create a video that will represent you and your brand, so it is important you choose a company that has the right expertise to do just that.

Production style

Now that we are confident with their expertise, the next important step to consider is to see if their production style matches the message you are trying to convey in your video. Each video production company have their unique style of production and this usually is influenced by the type of equipment’s used, music, editing style, camera shots etc. There is no right or wrong video production style; it all comes down to personal preference. Watching a few sample videos from your chosen production company will allow you to get a basic idea of their style and versatility.

The team

The next step to follow when choosing the right video production company for your project is to get to know the team who you will be working with. This is important as the attitude of the team can greatly influence your project positively or negatively. Below are some key positive traits to look out for.

  • Creative and innovative
  • Enthusiasm for your project.
  • seek to deliver a project they are proud of
  • freely share their knowledge and expertise
  • flexible
  • customer focused
  • clearly define what they are offering you


It is interesting to note that many will put this step as number one on their list but we advise that this step is put last. This is because price is determined by various factors such as the type of video you want produced, the expertise and reputation of the production company you choose etc. In saying this, we are not also suggesting that one should be extravagant or meagre on their budget. Just be reasonable and work within your means. Sometimes it is advisable to discuss your budget upfront with your production company. A good production company will suggest ways they can work within your budget.

Thank you for reading our blog. Remember this can be a lengthy process so start your research early and watch as many sample videos that you can. When you are convinced of your choice then you are ready to hire.

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