Great Offer ideas for Black Friday

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Black Friday is fast approaching. Every last Friday in November shoppers flock the shopping malls and online shops hunting for the best bargains of the year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with black Friday, it is basically the start of the holiday shopping season with huge discounts and sales seen across many shops and businesses. It originally started as an American phenomenon but has quickly made its way across the seas reaching the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has fully embraced the culture of black Friday with many businesses offering massive discounts. Black Friday is great for your customers, but does it benefit your business? The answer is a big YES! £3.3 billion was spent during black Friday weekend in 2015. This amount is set to rise every year. This is incredible opportunity for every business to take advantage of. With black Friday coming up soon you may think it’s a bit too late to start planning your offers. Don’t worry EMH Global have compiled for you some great ideas you can adopt that will get customers flocking to your business allowing you to have your share of this £3.3 billion treasure.

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Discounts are the most common form of offers used on black Friday as it is enshrined within the culture of black Friday. Discounts are a great way to get customer flocking to your business as everyone loves a great bargain. To offer an attractive discount on black Friday the discount must be lower than discounts you will usually offer on normal occasions, this is because offering deals that you offer regularly will give the customer a less sense of urgency to act now, and they will wait until it’s offered again. Black Friday’s foundation is based on urgency as it is a once a year event. So, you have to let the customer feel that sense of urgency to buy from you on that day knowing that the offer may never come again. I am sure we all know how to offer discounts, but again we at EMH Global will want to help you spice things up a bit. Remember the rule of the game when it comes to offering discounts is TIMING. Offering hourly deals are a great way to add urgency and an immediate customer response to your discounts. For example you can promote a special discount offer for four products over four hours, by listing a product every hour. However if you don’t have the resource to do hourly discounts promotion you can offer a new discount daily. This still adds urgency and will give the customer a bit more time to make decisions.

Free gifts

Who doesn’t like free Gifts? Offering a free gift with a purchase is a great way to get customers rushing to purchase from your business. Entice your customers to buy more from you by offering them discount and a free gift when they buy a selection of your products together. The gift that you offer does not have to be massively expensive however it must be worth the offer. Examples of gifts that you could offer can be holiday-themed items like a free cards, Phone cases or ornament, or you could offer one of your smaller products as a gift. It can be almost anything as long as it adds value to the customer, this means making the gift useful.

Gift cards

Offering gift cards is a fantastic way to get customers to your door. I can hear you ask why? Offering your customers gift cards when they spend certain amounts on your products, allows your sales revenue to increase as it makes the customer strive to spend more in order to get the gift card. There is a saying that “gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving".This is because most gift cards cannot be redeemed anywhere else apart from your business, meaning customers will almost be forced to repeat buy from your business at a later date to redeem their gift cards. Gift cards also offer constant reminder to your customers about your business and they act almost like business cards and are usually kept in the customer’s wallet. Again similar to a business card, customers may choose to give tout gift cards as a present to their friends and loved ones, therefore leading to new customers purchasing from you at a later date. Here are some tips on offers you can use to get customers rushing to purchase from your business this Black Friday weekend. Before we round up on this week’s blog, there are a few extra pointers we want to bring to your attention that should leave you fully prepared. If you are an online business note that the biggest sales day is the Monday after Black Friday;this day is popularly known as cyber Monday. We however encourage you to start your sales promotion on Black Friday to enable you get a good build up in customers.

Again for an online business, it is also important to make sure you have a server that can handle a large traffic on that day as your website may crash due to the large number of visitors looking for bargains, this could result in some customers leaving your web page and having a bad outlook on your business.

Thank you for reading our blog we hope our tips have armed you to be fully prepared for this big event. We wish you a happy sales weekend.

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