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Easy Navigation

Our First and maybe most important tip for your revamped Christmas website is navigation. We see navigation on a website as a well-told joke, if the customer doesn’t get it right away, it becomes a bad joke. Website navigation works in the same manner. If a customer visits your website and does not understand how to use it within 8 seconds, the customer may abandon buying from your website. Always ensure that your “Call to Action” and “Add to Cart” buttons are visible on all pages.

Furthermore, pay special attention to the way your products are displayed; split them into categories to make each product easy to find by brand, product type and price range or a search field. The key is to help people find what they are looking for and introduce them to products they won’t want to miss.

Add a themed design

Add a bit of the Christmas spirit to your website by updating the theme of your website. This may seem like an obvious and expected top tip however it is still a very important tip for increasing your sales revenue and reaching that all-important goal for a merry business Christmas.

Introducing the Christmas spirit to your website is a great way to show to customers that you are prepared for the festive season ahead. Not only that, Spreading the Christmas joy to your website by adding a themed design will get your customers in the mood to shop, It is important to remember not to go overboard on the Christmas spirit as adding too much to the design of the website can be over bearing and may interfere with the navigation and appeal of the website.


SEO is a major key to success when we hit the Christmas period, this is because not many businesses take it into account when it comes to preparing for Christmas. SEO is what helps your website gain a higher position on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Creating keywords or phrases relevant to your business and Christmas will push your website and products higher up the search rankings. It is important to choose relevant and quality keywords to help reach your target audience. Examples of relevant keywords for an online bakery selling cookies may include “For festive party snacks, Christmas Cookies, or even Cookies for Santa”

Christmas is a busy period for everyone, so understandable to see why many websites now receive half their traffic from mobile devices. People are now more confident to order items on their mobile devices; this has made it essential to make sure your website is mobile optimised. It is important to have your website designed to work smoothly on both the traditional desktop and mobile devices.

Attention must be given when developing a mobile friendly website to ensure that you choose a responsive design, as online shoppers will be using different devices for their shopping. Our number one top tip also applies here.

Make sure it is easy to navigate and everything is visible because you have only 8 seconds to make that big impression. If you are looking on how to create a mobile friendly site, please click here to visit our blog post or contact us today with any enquires you may have. please click here

Offer Discounts

Christmas is all about giving, and when you give, you receive. Offering customers discounts, gifts or promotions, is a great way to give to your customers. So as the saying goes now that you have given its time for you to receive in good measure. Giving your customers special discount offers act as an incentive for them to buy from you. Note that what you offer does not have to be expensive or break your bank. Simple but meaningful and complementary give always such as a Free Christmas gift delivery, gift wrapping, Christmas cards are relatively cheap ways to give your customers something special for their Christmas purchases.

A great way to also get customers to purchase from your online website is to add a Christmas countdown with a different daily promotion, this will give the customer a sense of urgency to purchase certain deals as well as increase traffic to your website as customers would want to find out the latest deals.

This is the end of our little Christmas secrets to help you increase your revenue for your business. Remember that one of the key ways to entice your customers to buy from you is to throw in a complementary gift for each purchase.

If you don’t have time about planning and implementing the Christmas spirit to your website, please feel free to contact The EMH Global, we have been producing websites for over 10 years and have more surprises we can add to help you have the best Christmas in sales revenue EVER!

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this article please make sure to share it and spread the joy, Thanks again.

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