Choosing the right domain name

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Choosing a domain name may seem like a simple task, however there are many factors that must be taken into account before making that final decision to purchase that domain name. It is important to choose a domain name that will not only fit the business, but must also be easy to find and promote on the internet. We at EMH Global want you to make the right choice in your quest to find the perfect domain name for your business.

What is a Domain Name

Before we dive into how to choose the right domain name, lets start by defining what a domain name is. A domain name is a key part of your online address used by your visitors to easily find you. For example, EMH Global’s domain name is . Domain names are unique to the owners; once you register it, nobody else can register the same name for as long as that domain account is active.

Keeping it simple

The domain is often the first thing clients see, so it is important to have a domain that fits your business. It should also be memorable and easy to spell. Having a domain name that is short, simple and easy to spell will make it easier for visitors to reach your website. This is very important for online success. It is best to avoid slang words, or words with multiple spellings and especially hyphens and numerals, as it makes it harder for customers to find your site. It is also important to keep it short. Long and complex domain names risk it being mistyped or misspelled. The shorter your domain name is, the easier it is for your visitors to remember, type and tell others about.

Think Keywords

Using keywords that describe your business and the services you offer can impact your SEO. An example of this would be; if you are a plumbing company, you may want to register your company as However it is important to incorporate your branding because SEO isn’t everything. It is important to have a memorable, brand-related and available domain name, but don’t get obsessed with keywords, as already explained keep it short and simple, because it easy to get carried away with key words. you might want to purchase a domain name like

Be aware of Copyright

It is absolutely vital you make sure the domain name you’ve selected isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company. It could lead to legal issues that could cost you a fortune, as well as your domain. To protect your brand, you should purchase various domain names, as well as misspelled versions of your domain name. This prevents competitors from registering other versions and ensures your customers are directed to your website, even if they mistype it.

Domain Extensions

Domain Extensions such as “.com” or “”, are used at the end of web addresses. These can have specific uses and meaning so make sure to choose one that works for your business. The “.com” domain extension is the most popular. Let me throw in a caution here that it may be hard to get a short and memorable “.com” domain name as many have been used because it’s been around for so long.

Now you have the tools, it’s time to go out and get that killer domain name. Reading this blog has now put you one step ahead of most of your competitors as you are now aware of the factors.

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