Building a Successful E-Commerce Business

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When it comes to creating an e-commerce website, there are a few techniques that are vital to making it a success. At EMH Global our team comes across many eCommerce websites that lack these key techniques causing the owners of these sites to miss out on potential sales. In this blog we are sharing a few techniques that make eCommerce sites developed at EMH Global a money making machine for our clients.

Clear Branding

Having a clear logo is important to an eCommerce website as it associate your site with your brand and its quality. A logo for your online shopping site can reassure customers, as the logo can add an element of trust to the company or organization. Aside the logo it is important to have a theme that fits around your branding and logo to convey unity throughout the company

Easy to navigate

To attract customers to your website, the site must be eye-catching but user-friendly at the same time. A customer may abandon buying from your website if they find your website navigation too complicated. It is extremely important that your website layout is easy to navigate. Always ensure that your “Call to Action” and “Add to Cart” buttons are visible on all pages. Furthermore, pay special attention to the way your products are displayed. Split them into categories, each product should be easy to find by brand, product type and price range or a search field. These allow your customers to quickly find what they are looking for.


Having a clear and in depth description about your product is great, however most customers will not buy a product if they can’t see the product. This means you need a photo of your product. Remember that a poorly taken photo to describe your product is not acceptable, it is important when showing your products to have at least 3 good quality photos, showing the product from different angles. It is also important to provide customers with a zoom option so that they can even have a closer view of the given item.


Another way you can increase the sales on your eCommerce website is by adding reviews and comments about the products. Reviews from satisfied customers will give a sense of trust to first time buyers, it also encourages them to go ahead and buy the product or service. Most customers are more likely to buy from a site which has reviews from other users. Reviews give an eCommerce site a more trustworthy meaning. It also creates an impression that the retailer is confident in the quality of their products. However unfortunately not all reviews will be good, but it is important to treat all reviews as advice and strive to resolve them as quickly as possible to make that bad review invalid. You should also aim to ensure that good reviews always outweigh the bad ones. For every business owner public reviews are good, as it informs the company of their products or services that are doing well and the ones that must be withdrawn.

Social media

Social media buttons allow your customers to quickly and easily share what they have bought or what they are considering to buy. This is great as it provides you with free advertising. Every time your product is shared you can gain potential new customers.

That is our 5 techniques you can implement on your eCommerce website. Implementing these techniques today should hopefully allow you to see a spike in sales and new customers, this should then turn your eCommerce business into a money making machine.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this article please make sure to share it and spread the joy, Thanks again.

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