5 Tips to Creating a Successful Logo

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Logos Play a vital role in business Marketing. Logos are considered to be the face of the company, holding the morals and identity of the business. Each aspect of the logo from the colour to the shape can portray an aspect of your company . Everything has a meaning within a logo. So having a well-designed logo is critical to your company’s image. This blog will share EMH Global’s top 5 tips to creating a successful logo

Tip 1: Simplicity

An important aspect of a successful logo design is simplicity. There should be only a few details and very minimal shading or other artistic touches, it should be as subtle as possible. The Colours included should be limited to a few choices that represent your company in the best way. A typical example of this is the Apple brand. The logo is silver which conveys sleekness and innovation. When it comes to Text it should be limited to the brand name as it needs to be memorable, which leads nicely to the next Top tip.

Tip 2: Memorable

An effective logo design should be memorable. This is achieved by having a simple and appropriate logo. When people think of a business they usually refer back to the logo. Having a logo that is easily memorable will allow customers to think of your product or service when needed. Having features that are distinctive are vital to creating a logo that is memorable. By doing this a visual statement is made which makes it more engaging to the audience.

Tip 3: Unique

When creating a logo, it needs to convey your brand only, it needs to be unique. It is important that it does not remind consumers of other companies. You want to make customers believe that your company is different to other companies, and to do this the logo must be unique to your company.

Tip 4; Colours

Colours are often overlooked, however colours can be very powerful within a logo. They have the power to affect feelings and emotions. The colours used should be based on your target audience. Using the same colours Consistently helps build familiarity, this will allow customers to link the logo to the company. It is vital to Look at the psychology of colours when choosing your colours so you make the right decision on the correct colour palate for your logo.

Tip 5: Tested

The Last Top tip which is often forgotten is the market research Element. People respond to Logo designs differently. Doing market research will allow you to put forward the logo design that is reviewed the most positive. One way to test various logo designs is to put out a survey to see which one is the favorite, or send out different variations of your logo on different marketing stream and see which one is responded to most positively. It is always important to listen to the Target market


In summary you will agree with me that a well-designed logo can contribute to business success, potentially leading to increased sales or improved mind share within your target market.

Thank you For reading.

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