5 Social Media Tips to Promote your Next Event

  • 2019-10-09

Social media can be a great way to promote your Event. This is due to the large number of active users across the whole social media spectrum. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great avenues to getting the word out and connecting with prospective attendees to your event.

To keep things simple let’s focus on Facebook for now, we will tackle the other social media platforms later. Creating a Facebook event page can allow potential attendees to keep up with the most current news and updates from the event. Event pages are seen as social media invitations. Invited guests can choose to respond to the invitation by accepting or declining the event, the guests that choose to accept will receive regular news and notifications. Your social media events page will allow you to create a guest list of the people attending in order to make preparations for your event. According to survey, most Facebook users log into their Facebook account at least once a day. This means your updates, notices or reminders posted on your Facebook events page could be seen daily by your target audience. Facebook has many tools and features to help your event campaign become successful. Some of these features include targeted news feed ads and event insights which helps to measure the effectiveness of your event campaign.

Create One Unified Hashtag for Use Across All Social Channels

Hashtags (#) are usually the most looked over tool by many when promoting their events on social media. Hashtags are not only used on twitter but can be used on all other social media platform. Hashtags are a great and easy way for people to follow along with an event or topic on their social media networks. It allow them to search easily for all mentions about your events simply by searching for your event using the keyword preceded by a Hashtags.(eg #5SocialMediaTips). It is important to use the same Hashtag throughout every post so your attendees can follow along with event updates. Pick unique and memorable Hashtags and encourage followers to tag their own relevant images and before you know it you will have a trending Hashtags backed up by a huge community talking and maybe planning to attend your event.

This top tip is the only tip on this list that will require a small investment, however what can be achieved from this can drastically increase the number of people attending your event. The Facebook ads can help you reach a larger audience who you may not be connected with you. Facebook ads can also target specific demographics, meaning you can be sure to reach your intended target audience which will likely give you a higher conversion rate. When creating a Facebook ad, remember, it is important to have an inviting/appealing image or design that will encourage the viewer to want to click on the ad. A common trend which is proving to be very successful is adding a video. People are more likely to react to a video as it shows greater detail to what the event ad is about without too much effort on the potential guest’s part.

Leverage Partners

The number of people, networks or forums you are connected with on social media can play a vital role when it comes to using social media to promote your event. It is therefore important to build your connections on social media. You should seek to build connections with other organisations and social communities who may have connections with your event’s ideal customers. Some of these connections may be happy to share information about your event to their online communities. This will be a great way to increase potential guest to your event.

There you go. Promoting your event couldn’t be easier when using our top tips. These tips will allow you to gain the best turnout and buzz for your upcoming event

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