5 No! No! No! About your website

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We at EMH have been producing quality client-focused websites for over 13years, Our experience over the years has helped us to pick up certain fundamental web design errors applied by many web developers or requested by clients which we have termed “your website No Nos” These features even though may be popular and attractive don’t add value and could potentially drive away your prospects. Surprisingly we go through thousands of websites daily that seem to be breaking our no! no! rule. In this blog we will share what we have compiled at EMH as our top 5 most common no nos.

Your Logo

do not understand why some companies feel the need to insert a large image of their logo on their websites. Yes it does represent the company’s brand image and morals, but it doesn’t need to take up the who le face of the website. Reducing the size of your logo will allow you to add more content to the beginning of the page ; remember you only have 8 seconds to impress visitors to your website, so rather than showing off about who you are, use the top space to give them more information about how your product or service could help meet their needs. Note that, your logo will not entice a customer to do business with you.

Poor navigation

Not having a website that is mobile compatible is A Big No! No! No! Since 2014, mobile devices have become the primary platform that people use to access the internet, overtaking the traditional desktops.

A mobile friendly website is fundamental if you want to maintain your business’s position online. It is important to have your website designed to work smoothly on both the traditional desktop and mobile devices. I will like to caution here that having a poorly designed mobile website can also really deter customers. If you want to find out more about mobile websites read our key points to making a good customer-focused mobile website from our previous blog Click here.

Rotating sliders

Rotating sliders are so 2005, but people still use them to this day. This is a Big No! No! No! Sliders are used on most websites, but they don’t actually help your website when it comes to delivering value and converting visitors into leads. I must be honest and say that to date, EMH gets clients insisting we develop for them websites with rotating sliders. We discourage rotating sliders for your website because they offer very little information about the product or service and take up lots of space.

Wondering what to do? It’s time to jump ship and head to the modern trend called VIDEO. Videos have the highest engagement and return rate of an content form. It’s a great way to show off your business and everything the buyer can gain from doing business with you.

Slow speed

You have 8 seconds to impress a prospective customer to your site before they leave to the next site. 8 SECONDS! This includes site loading time. Some web developers love to add all these pointless effects, which may look cool but may seriously add to the loading time of your page. I agree it is important to have a page that stands out but it is better to have a balance. Add what is necessary and get rid of things that aren’t, so your website can be accessed fast. The faster your website loads, the more likely users will website loads, the more likely users will stay on your website. Remember 8 SECONDS.

So!!! Once again here we go with our Big No! No! No! to your website. We have been creating Websites for over 13 years and have gained the expertise to understand and know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your website design. It is important to be innovative instead of being a trend follower which could potentially lead you in the wrong direction. To find out further information on how to build a quality website check out our 5 steps to make a quality website.

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