4 Ways to Keep your Clients during COVID-19

  • 2020-04-20

Staying home does not mean locking down your business. In this digital age, your clients are closer to you than ever before. In this period of lockdown, this is the perfect time to look at your internal marketing content and revamp your branding to appeal to the widest possible audience - now actively connecting on online. Here are four ways for you to stay connected with them.


#1 Review your social platform:

There are many social platforms to choose from; however, note that each platform has its unique purpose and target. You must understand the platform to produce the right content. For example, Instagram will be the right platform if you want to share photos of your brand or products, while LinkedIn is more appropriate if your going to share business skills and insights. If you decide to use multiple social platforms to promote your business, make sure you are consistent with your brand image across all platforms.



#2 Define your audience:

As a business owner, you need to know who your audience is, where they are, and the type of content they consume. Spend time to do your research to understand your target audience. While doing this, think outside the box and be inclusive in your customer profiling. Remember, being inclusive with your content means reaching a much wider audience.


#3 Define your content strategy:

Always have in mind that you are not the only one serving content to your customers, so be strategic with your content delivery. For your content strategy, make sure you plan, be genuine, informative, entertaining and make your content relevant.

#4 Interact with your network:

We often make the mistake of thinking that anytime we interact with our customers, we must make a sale. Most people will buy from businesses that they trust. If this is to go by, then building a relationship with your customer is extremely important. Build a relationship with your online audience by being interactive. Follow back those that follow you, respond and engage with those who comment to your post and where appropriate, Like, comment and share their post.

Although COVID-19 has put several restrictions on our daily lives, with technology and social media still at the touch of our fingertips, clients are more easily accessible. So, get online and let your clients know what is new with your brand. While the impact of these tips may vary from brand to brand, there is still a great advantage of having an online presence during a time like this.


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