ghana consulate New York visa passport application system

Online Application System


The Client 

The mission’s mandate includes representing and promoting the interest of Ghana in North America as well as facilitating the smooth travel of both Ghanaian and foreigners into Ghana.

The Challenge

With the increasing number of visitors traveling to Ghana due to a thriving economic environment and the growing Ghanaian resident population in the US, the Mission was inundated with visa and passport applications requests. This brought an urgent need to develop a more efficient visa and passport application system that will replace the tedious and slow process.

The Solution

With our deep understanding of the Ghanaian and US customer relations, we proposed to design and develop a fully functional bespoke enterprise resource planning software (ERP) dubbed eCIMS which will have as part of its many features the following;

  • Customer Interface design to accept requests for online visa and passport applications while tracking the number of requests made.
  • An administrative Interface which is the back end process where visa requests, accounting, and customised reports can be prepared.
  • A security feature where a user can assign role-based access rights. This would prevent an unauthorised user from accessing crucial or confidential information.
  • Reporting feature to allow the system to generate customised reports .
  • A system to send emails and SMS directly sent to customers to keep them updated with the latest changes and modifications with their application.
  • A barcode facility to manage application tracking thereby reducing the effort of manually entering data into the software.

The Outcome

Eagle London Agency's eCIMS software became the first online application system to be introduced by Ghana. The software has simplified the application process and turnaround time. To date, over 1 million applications have been successfully processed and archived on eCIMS


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