Ghana Forestry


The Client

The Forestry Commission of Ghana (FC) is a government agency responsible for regulating the utilisation and management of forest and wildlife resources in Ghana. Its mandate includes overseeing the commercialisation of the timber industry whilst at the same time ensure a sustainable forest in Ghana.


FC needed to justify its efforts in ensuring a sustainable forest in Ghana in order to be qualified for a new trading license which will allow Ghana to continue to sell its timber to the European market. To do this the FC needed a multinational integrated digital marketing communications agency with an understanding of the West African and European market to create and deliver an effective communications campaign aimed at its international and local stakeholders. Our Solution

Using our team in UK and Ghana we undertook extensive research to understand FC’s organisation and the criteria for the European trade licence for Timber. Acting on our research findings we proposed and delivered the following for FC.

We advised FC to use its London office to lead the campaign drive. This was because of the office’s strategic location to its target audience.
Our design and technology team, designed and built a new website for the FC London office focusing on user experience and promoting FC’s sustainable forest agenda
Our social content team at EMH directed filmed and photographed FC’s work in Ghana, to produce a photo and video documentary. The documentaries were to be used as internal and external informational and promotional resource materials
Our design and creative services team designed and printed various corporate promotional materials to be distributed at various stakeholder meetings and events promoting FC’s work and agenda
Our campaigns and execution team assisted client to host seminars in London and Brussels which gave its stakeholders the opportunity to take part in an open debate on the Ghana timber industry sustainable forest in Ghana


The campaign has enabled the FC gain support from the EU to assist Ghana meet its criteria to gain the license. Our photos and video on the Ghana Forest sector has gained a lot of social media attention giving the FC a positive image.