The client

Freedom centre international otherwise known as FCI, was birthed in 1997 and now has expanded across the world to raise overcomers and set captives free. With churches in Luton, Telford, Dallas, East Legon (Ghana) and Edinburgh. FCI has become a recognised church around the world.

The challenge

As FCI began to grow in size and in membership, there became a challenge on how to keep in contact with the growing amount of members. Growing in membership numbers made it increasingly Difficult to keep their close relationship they have always had with their members. FCI where determine to keep their close relationship with their members and seeked for EMH for their help

Our Solution

Looking at the challenge FCI faced, EMH came up with a Solution to keep a strong relationship with their customers. Our solution was to implement a bespoke CRM tool to help them keep in contact with their members. Our CRM software helped FCI by: • Creating a Database with all their members • Keeping key dates of individual members to send them personalised messages • Logging contact details of members to easily contact member whether by email or sms • Easy interface to be used by FCI


The outcome? FCI was able to keep their close relationship with their clients, and with their continuously growing number of members FCI is able to keep growing their relationships with members.