Can blogging help promote your business? Check out our 4 reasons why.

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The beauty of the online world is, there is so much space for creativity when it comes to promoting your business or services. Organisations can utilise this and use it to their advantage. At EMH Global we see blogging as one of our top content marketing priority. We are not therefore surprised that statistics show that 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. We believe that every business has the potential to benefit from using blogs as part of their marketing strategy. Blogs can be used for lead generation, brand awareness, SEO, and thought leadership.

It is interesting during our interaction as an agency with many of the business owners and entrepreneurs we consult with, when we suggested the use of blogs as a way of projecting their businesses we get responses like “Blogging is too casual; how could it possibly be profitable?”. This is a wrong perception and we hope after reading this short blog you would have had a mind change on this and start writing blogs for your businesses.

This article is not meant to show you how to write blogs but simply to share our 4 basic reasons here at EMH Global why every business need to use blogging as part of their marketing strategy. Look out for our next blog where we will share our 10 top tips on how to write a captivating blog.

  1. Tell your story with a Blog: Blogging is the perfect platform to showcase what your organisation is passionate about, your values lie where your blogs do, so if you show your passion towards your sector, other organisations will deem you as not only passionate but experts or knowledgeable which will increase likelihood of them using your services to meet their business needs.
  2. Generate Traffic to your Website: Blogging will generate website traffic which is always a positive. The SEO work that will be done on your blog will make your website easily reachable on search engines. You don’t want to miss your next potential client, they could be just one click away… The value of your blog doesn’t stop when you hit publish. It can also be used to drive traffic and engagement on social media. In 2017, 66% of marketers reported using blogs in their social media content. (Social Media Examiner)
  3. Stay connected with your clients with a blog: Blogging offers your business an opportunity to maintain relationship with your clients and subscribers. Sharing regular and relevant information that benefit your clients or subscribers will build trust for your brand. It will remind your clients or subscribers about your services and your expertise in your sector.
  4. Show your creativity through your blogs: Blogging allows you to always tap into your creative side and improve your understanding of your sector. In today’s business environment, the art of writing is key, having regular practise and experience of creating blogs will help you improve your writing skills.

In concluding, remember to ensure you include an image or a visual to your Blog articles. Recent surveys show that blog articles with images get 94% more views. (source) Including an image or visual with blog posts used to be merely a recommendation. In 2016, it’s mandatory and the numbers prove why.

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