How to choose the right video production company

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Corporate Videos has been proven to Boost Brand Reputation, Customer Engagement and Revenue Opportunity for Small and Medium Businesses. But choosing the right video production company that will offer this service can be tricky. To help you overcome this challenge we at EMH have put together 5 basic steps for you to consider when choosing […]

Set Your Brand Free

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Your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business; it holds the key to the brand values, morals and what your company stands for. We at EMH believe that one of the keys to success is through the way you promote your brand. In this blog we are going to help set […]

Your Website and Social Media love affair

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There is new blossoming relationship happening online between social media and your website, the effect of this relationship is an increase for your brand awareness.  However, because this relationship is fairly young and not much being spoken about it, many business owners are missing out on the interaction, impressions and sales that can come from […]

Your Pursuit of Customer Happiness

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Keeping your customers happy is a key element towards the success of your business. Remember that it is your customers that are responsible for your company’s existence. This means it is critical that you make their happiness with your service a priority. Many businesses underestimate the power of customer happiness. In this blog I would […]

5 No! No! No! About your website

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We at EMH have been producing quality client-focused websites for over 13years, Our experience over the years has helped us to pick up certain fundamental web design errors applied by many web developers or requested by clients which we have termed “your website No Nos” These features even though may be popular and attractive don’t […]

Finding the right word

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) may sound complicated but it’s easier than you think. SEO is what helps your website gain a higher position on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. As a business it is important to aim to be ranked in the top 3 positions as the chances of your page being […]

The secret formula to a Poster

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Posters are popular for advertising. If You Have Left your house today, you are guaranteed to have walked past at least one poster. In this blog we are going to be sharing with you our secret tips on how to make your poster stand out and grab the attention of your desired audience. We at […]

Remember your roots

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A business can’t run without customers, if you agree with me then I will add that it’s absolutely vital to keep your customers happy at all time. However, most companies over time lose sight or undervalue their original customers and focus their attention on acquiring new and potential customers. We at EMH Global believe that […]

How to promote your event and gain result

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As businesses owners we all have certain times where there is a need to organise an event either to celebrate an achievement, a milestone, to launch, promote a service or a product. Whatever the reason for organising the event, it is the desire of every event organiser to have their event well attended by their […]

Building a Brand

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Building a brand can be a hard task especially when you don’t build it on a solid foundation. A brand is one of the most important aspects to building any successful business, there’s a strong link between a successful business and its brand.  We at EMH global have been helping businesses build their Brands for […]