The Advantages of Posters

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Nowadays posters are seen as out dated, however they do carry great advantages to help advertise and attract people to your product or services. Posters can be as effective as an online advertisement if done correctly. In this blog we are going to go through EMH’s top 4 advantages of creating a poster. Posters are […]

How to build a relationship with customers?

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Building a strong relationship with your customers can be a more reliable and more effective way to raise more revenue. Many businesses believe once a customer has purchased or used your service that is it they are hooked, but this is far from the case. When a new customer purchases you want to keep them […]

Why business cards still matter

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2016 is a digital age, and businesses do many things on the internet; sending mails, signing contracts, attending meetings, networking etc. There are however some essential items businesses cannot do without and among these are Business Cards. Business cards have many vital benefits but are looked over upon or seen as not as important. EMH provides you with […]

Planning an effective event

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Planning an Event can be very easy, however planning an effective event can be slightly more tricky. #1 The first thing that must be done when planning any effective event is discussing the aims and objectives you want to achieve with all the co creator’s. Doing this sets a clear goal of what you are […]

Creating a mobile friendly Website

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Since 2014 Mobile devices have become the primary platform that people use to access the internet, overtaking the traditional desktops. This new trend has changed the way websites are being developed today. To maintain your business’s position online these days, it is important to have your website designed to work smoothly on both the traditional […]