EMH Global is a London based integrated digital marketing communications and technology agency. Our passion is in delivering campaigns and projects that engage brands with their desired audiences. Established in 2004 in the UK to offer communications solution with a particular focus on hard to reach communities, the company since has experienced rapid growth over the years. From a small office in North London the company has established offices in New York, Kerala and Accra and now in London moved its headquarters into Stratford.

We offer creative, innovative campaigns that embrace diversity and generate business results. Our team is made up of Strategists, Creative graphic designers, Producers, Information and communication technologists and Business experts, all recruited from wide and varied business backgrounds.

Our brand

EMH Global not only understands diversity but we as an agency are truly and uniquely diverse. Lots of clients and agencies talk about diversity and becoming diverse but we believe that only by working with an intrinsically diverse agency can a client succeed in that aim.

Our Brand  is built on the foundation of diversity and communication. The colours red and green tell the story on how EMH Global  came to be and the values and goals we aim to deliver.

The story starts with our two co-founders born in the heart of West Africa. To show where it all began red and green was chosen as it represents the most common colours seen on national flags within west Africa.

Our Colours go deeper than just telling the story about our company roots. The red and green represents our three main key values; Diversity, Creativity and Innovative. Red is representative of energy and vibrancy which EMH Global is and the Green signifies growth, community and diversity.

At EMH Global we will and always be aiming to grow our clients as well as ourselves in knowledge, experience and success.






We strive to develop recognizable identities for organizations, brands and businesses. We set the bar high in digital branding and we create functional design.
Timeless interfaces and groundbreaking technology in which the user is key. Together with the customer we come to one effective and clear solution.
A creation of strong communication and an outspoken design. 

We make your ideas come to reality and enjoy the process, creating a unique Global experience.
Our team consists of young multilingual and multi talented professionals who are experts in what they do. We are here to help you transfer your ideas and wishes into efficient projects that bring great results – rendering your ideas to perfection. In every stage of that process we communicate and solve possible problems together. We are friendly, fast, reliable and excited about new challenges.